10 Best Useful Windows Software of All Time

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

Some programs are so useful that we are ready to recommend them to others without hesitation. We have compiled a list of useful Windows Software that PC owners can not do without when installing software on a new system or on an existing PC. We have tried to include software that are simple, less functionality but very needy when there is no one to assist.

There are for all kinds of problems and scenarios. From knowing the details of hardware and operation of your PC to eliminate viruses, programs and remove intruders from your network.

Best Useful Windows Software 2018

Speccy – Detailed Information My PC

speccy useful windows software

Do you want to update your PC, but do not know what type of RAM you have or what kind of graphics card to buy? Speecy utility is what you need. In addition to knowing the information of the system and its components , it shows the current temperature.

  • Know detailed specifications of each PC component
  • Detailed information of each Hardware RAM, CPU, Graphics, Motherboard etc
  • Information about the temperature of your PC
  • Save and share the report of each of the parts of the PC

Ultimate Windows Tweaker – Customize and Optimize

When you install Windows 7/8/10 you encounter some features that you would like to change. Unfortunately Microsoft does not make it so easy to make system modifications.

However, there is a utility software developed by The Windows Club Ultimate Windows Tweaker to customize the system, add or remove functions and optimize Windows.

  • Customize the taskbar
  • Modify the lock screen
  • Change the Windows 7/8 and 10 interface
  • Add or remove functions to the file browser
  • Make changes in privacy and security.
  • and everything you can imagine.

Prime95 – Test CPU and RAM

It has a very simple interface, but with very powerful functionality. Prime85 Allows you to test processor performance and RAM memory.

The process starts with looking for Mersenne prime numbers until you allow it. This makes the machine work to the maximum by using a large amount of resources to carry out this complex mathematical task.

Therefore, if some program fails to perform a task, with Prime95 you can know if the processor or RAM is the problem.

Malwarebytes, VirusTotal, and AdwCleaner

It is likely that you have a good Antivirus installed on your PC. But no antivirus is capable of detecting everything. So it would be useful to use Malwarebytes from time to time.

Malwarebytes is great, since it only works on demand, which means that it will not come into conflict with your antivirus tool that is running.

The VirusTotal Uploader, on the other hand, allows you to scan any individual file with more than 50 antivirus at a time, so it’s great if you’ve downloaded something you think might be suspicious.

Finally, if you have accidentally installed an annoying toolbar on your system that simply does not let itself be erased, AdwCleaner will help you to get rid of it.

KeyFinder – Recover Serial

Have you ever had to reinstall a program, but could not find the serial key of product? Keyfinder will search your PC for installed programs, and if they have a serial or license key it will show it. So you can save it and use next time you reinstall that software.

Note : this contains some toolbars at the time of installation, so be sure to use the custom installation to avoid installing them.

Process Explorer – Task Manager Pro

The Windows Task Manager can display a large amount of information about what programs are running, and usually does what it takes.

But sometimes you need more information such as when you are trying to find out what program is using the webcam.

Process Explorer is one of the many alternatives to the task manager, which provides information about what files are currently in use, the type of hardware, and what each program is doing.

Rufus and Yumi – Create Bootable USB

When you have to install a version of Windows or Linux you have to open the installation CD. But if your computer does not have a CD or DVD drive, you can convert an ISO Image into a USB Boot Memory with Rufus.

YUMI is even better, which allows you to put several Live CDs into a USB drive, which means you can combine all your rescue disks, Linux distributions, and other tools and put them in your pocket.

Intrusive Wireless Network (and other network apps)

Need to see all the computers in the network, along with IP addresses, MAC addresses and other information? If you think someone is stealing your Wi-Fi connection, Wireless Network Watcher is a useful tool. Despite its name, it also works through wired networks.

Remember to take a look at all the NirSoft network tools. They are all impressive and will help you with your problem depending on what you are trying to solve.

WinDirStat – Disk Space Statistics

Are you running out of storage space on your hard drive? Do not know in what all the GBs were spent? WinDirStat will tell you. It scans all the disks and shows the biggest folders, the file types that occupy space and much more. If you have tried common things (such as cleaning the disk) and still can not free up space, WinDirStat is the next step in the process of cleaning your disk.

Sandboxie – Run isolated programs

Let’s admit it: sometimes, even though we know it’s wrong, we want to open a program or file. and if we go do it, we need protection.

That’s where Sandboxie helps us. This tool allows you to run programs with isolation technology. That way they can not infect, access, or otherwise interfere with the Windows system. It is also ideal for testing applications that you can’t trust fully.

Bonus: IObit Uninstaller – Remove Programs

With this application it will be simple and efficient to remove any program, browser add-ons, updates and toolbars completely from your PC.

It has several uninstall modes

  • Normal Uninstall: Select the program and delete it. It leaves Empty folders, records, leftover files.
  • Uninstall By batch : Delete several programs at the same time.
  • Forced Uninstall : Delete those programs and toolbars that are not uninstalled properly or that are hidden and not found in the control panel.
  • Download iObit Free 2017

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