iPhone SE 2 release date, review, price, spec and photos

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2018)

According to numerous leaks, Apple will release iPhone SE 2 in 2018. iPhone SE 2 will have a 4-inch display, a system on the A10 Fusion processor, 2 GB of RAM, a 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, 3D Touch support and many other features. The presentation of the iPhone SE 2 will take place in the first half of September 2018. We collected all the available information about the new 4-inch Apple smartphone in this article.

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Briefly about the main features of the iPhone SE 2:

  • 4-inch display.
  • A10 Fusion processor.
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 12-megapixel camera.
  • Support 3D Touch.

iPhone SE 2 – Coming Out or Not?

Let’s start with the main question that most of the fans of 4-inch phone are interested in. Is Apple really producing the iPhone SE 2 and are preparing to release it?

Until April 2018, with respect to the release of the iPhone SE 2, there were many conflicting rumors. Some analysts claimed that Apple has absolutely no plans to launch a new compact smartphone. They argued that Apple is focused on the three flagship phone that will be released in the fall. Other experts said that the iPhone SE 2 will still come out, even though it’s impossible to call a large-scale upgraded smartphone. There were others who said that the iPhone SE 2 will release, and it will be made in the style of the iPhone 6/7/8.

iPhone SE 2 - release date, review, price, specifications and photos

On April 18, it became known that Apple has real plans to launch the iPhone SE 2. The company registered new iPhone models in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Apple must register all its devices in this database. That’s how in previous years the whole world knew about the release of AirPods, iPhone 7, MacBook and iPad more than a month before the presentation. Registered devices in the EEC database have always been released, without exception. So analysts are sure that the iPhone SE 2 has become officially confirmed.

iPhone SE 2 - release date, review, price, specifications and photos

Apple will release the iPhone SE 2 not according to the standard graphics. The original model was presented in March 2016, and all the other iPhone of recent years were presented in September. iPhone 4 was the last smartphone of Apple, which presentation took place in June, 2010. Below is a complete table of dates of presentation and launching date of all Apple smartphones.

ModelDate of
Start of sales
in the USA
iPhone 2G09.01.200729.06.2007
iPhone 3G10.06.200811.07.2008
iPhone 3GS08/06/200919.06.2009
iPhone 406/07/201024.06.2010
iPhone 4S10/04/201110/14/2011
iPhone 519.09.201221.09.2012
iPhone 5S, 5C10/09/201309/20/2013
iPhone 6 (Plus)09/09/201409/19/2014
iPhone 6S (Plus)09/09/201509/25/2015
iPhone SE03/21/201603/31/2016
iPhone 7 (Plus)09/07/201609/16/2016
iPhone 8 (Plus)12/09/201709/22/2012
iPhone X12/09/201711/03/2017

In the end, despite the great doubts of many analysts and insiders, iPhone SE 2 still has to come out. Experts analyzed the EEC database and found there are many unreleased model of iPhone like A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105 and A2106. They also found the existence of two new iPad in this year.


The first leak of iPhone SE 2 launching occurred in May 2017. According to a Chinese insider, iPhone SE 2 will receive a body, like the iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 – aluminum and slightly rounded at the corners. Thus, the design of the iPhone SE 2 will be completely updated in comparison with the original model.

As a confirmation of his words, the analyst published a picture that shows the rear panels of the alleged iPhone SE 2. Photo also indicates that the new 4-inch smartphone of Apple will inherit a new color. Most likely, iPhone SE 2 will be released in a glossy black color.

iPhone SE 2 - release date, review, price, specifications and photos

In general, there are three basic assumptions about the design of the iPhone SE 2. According to the first, it is expected that the iPhone SE 2 will be a copy of the iPhone 7. Of course, except for the sizes. Just like the iPhone SE is externally indistinguishable from the iPhone 6s. Some experts have suggested that Apple intends to release new 4-inch smartphones in the future, based on fresh flagship models. According to the second, the iPhone SE 2 will be simpler and will be an external copy of the iPhone 6s. However, as we have seen that iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 have a similar design as a whole. The look of these versions do not differ very much.

iPhone SE 2 - release date, review, price, specifications and photos

The third assumption is the most probable. iPhone SE 2 can be an improved version of the original iPhone SE in terms of technical aspects. This means that the smartphone will get the same design, but improved performance. Most analysts agreed on the matter about the similarities between iPhone SE 2 with iPhone 7. According to them, Apple does not have the time and resources to release a full-fledged updated compact iPhone.

It is important to note that with respect to the appearance of the iPhone SE, there were no leaks from coming from the credible ones. This may be due either to the fact that the iPhone SE 2 is in Apple’s long-term plans. Or because the company keeps developing the smartphone under strictest secrecy.

iPhone SE 2 - release date, review, price, specifications and photos


Information about the iPhone SE 2 display first known on August 2, 2017. Sources from Focus Taiwan said that the display of the smartphone will have a diagonal of 4-4.2 inches. Thus, the display of the iPhone SE 2 can increase in comparison with the original model. Nevertheless, the smartphone will remain compact. After other sources confirmed that the iPhone SE 2 will retain its main feature – a compact size.


The original iPhone SE was almost a full copy of iPhone 6s in terms of technical specifications. The only difference was the absence of the improved front camera in iPhone 6s compared to iPhone SE.

Experts assume that the iPhone SE 2 will take as a basis of the “stuffing” of iPhone 7. As a result, the iPhone SE 2 will receive a system on a 64-bit quad-core A10 Fusion processor and 2 GB of RAM. Due to such a powerful processor, iPhone SE 2 will be the most productive compact smartphone in the world, taking this title from its predecessor.

Japanese blog Macotakar confirmed the same information  in April. They also noted that the iPhone SE 2 will not have a 3.5mm audio output. Apple first abandoned the previously traditional audio connector in the iPhone 7, so this change looks quite logical. However, other insiders have left this rumor without comment.

3D Touch

One of the main new feature of iPhone SE 2 is the availability of controlling the force of pressing on 3D Touch display. The iPhone SE, despite its technical similarity to the iPhone 6s, did not have a 3D Touch. It is assumed that in order to reduce the price of the smartphone, Apple decided to abandon the 3D Touch technology.

iPhone SE 2 - release date, review, price, specifications and photos


According to the August leakage from Focus Taiwan, the capacity of the iPhone SE 2 battery will be 1640mAh – 1,700 mAh. For comparison, the original iPhone SE battery capacity was 1624 mAh. In other words, a large increase in the battery life of iPhone SE 2 should not be expected.

iPhone SE 2 Price

According to the available data, iPhone SE 2 will receive a price similar to the original iPhone SE – $399 for the base version with 32 GB of memory and $499 for the model with 128 GB of memory.

Apart from the price in USA, we have listed down prices in other countries.

CountryEstimated Price
BangladeshTk. 34500
IndiaRs. 26990
MalaysiaMYR. 1700
PakistanRs. 52000

Note: the price listed above is estimated. It may vary in future when the original iPhone SE 2 will arrive.

Is it worth waiting for the iPhone SE 2?

After the rumors about the iPhone SE 2 began to appear more and more, many fans of Apple got another important question. Is it worth waiting for the release of the iPhone SE 2 until you buy another model of iPhone? However, even more similar question often comes to us like “Is it worth buying iPhone SE or better to wait for iPhone SE 2?”.

We will answer the questions in order. If you want to buy a new iPhone, but at the same time you insanely like the idea of ​​the iPhone SE 2 in a compact package and with the design of the iPhone 6 / 6s / 7, you have to wait for at least September 2018. Rumors has spread that iPhone SE 2 will be introduced at WWDC 2018 conference. But we have seen that Tim Cook has not declared such a thing. iPhone SE 2 - release date, review, price, specifications and photos

With the choice between the iPhone SE and the iPhone SE 2, the situation is slightly more complicated. The previous advice on the need to wait remains valid, but one more is added to it. Assess your financial capabilities. 4-inch iPhone SE is now priced at less than $350. It was initially sold for as much as $399. In other words, remember this iPhone SE 2 will not be exactly in budget.

When will iPhone SE 2 will be released

Let’s draw a conclusion from all the above. The iPhone SE 2 was supposed to present at the WWDC 2018 developers’ conference. The inclusion in EEC also indicated something like that. But for some reason Apple did not introduced the iPhone SE 2 at WWDC developer conference. So you have further hope for the fall. That’s mean September, 2018.

Reviews about iPhone SE 2

A huge number of fans of Apple are waiting for the iPhone SE 2 with impatience. Below we collected some feedback on the upcoming updated 4-inch smartphone. It makes it clear that the phone will definitely be popular.

iPhone SE 2 = instant purchase. I love my iPhone SE, I liked it much more than the iPhone 6, which I used almost two years. When the new iPhone comes out with the same dimensions as the iPhone SE, I’ll buy it without hesitation.

If the iPhone SE 2 comes out in black and with a small screen, it will be the best smartphone ever!

YES, YES AND YET YES YES! Please, rumors, be truthful! I’ll buy an iPhone SE 2 on the very first day!

I love the size of iPhone SE. If Apple continues to produce 4-inch smartphones, I will always update them.

Rumors about the iPhone SE 2 – the best rumors of 2017.

And what do you think about the iPhone SE 2? What do you expect more from iPhone SE 2? Are you missing something? We expect you to let us know in the comment.

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