Google & Amazon’s streaming video apps will run on both platforms

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2019)

The future of two companies competing in the same areas of multimedia content are destined to compete fiercely. The case of Amazon and Google perhaps took the competition to hostile levels but, after years of disputes of all levels of aggressiveness, Google and Amazon reached an agreement for the coexistence of its main platforms.

In an announcement that was made simultaneously in the main blogs of each of these sites, Google revealed that YouTube would be available on FireTV and Amazon announced that Prime Video would be available to all users of the Chromecast service.

YouTube and Prime Video extend their influence

It is clear that they are different types of video platforms, but YouTube and Prime Video are two of the maximum exponents in their respective areas and will eventually have resolved Google and Amazon to admit the ridiculousness of their hostile competitiveness. Instead, they will embrace their opponent’s virtues and include them in their own play areas.

None of these inclusions are yet to be dated, but perhaps in an overly optimistic and hurried momentum. Hope that this coexistence will also spread to other areas.

Maybe this is the beginning of Google tempting other competitors with Chomecast or YouTube and the same Amazon with Prime Video.

The next step would also be that Alexa and Google Assistant can also interact with custom commands for YouTube and Prime Video, respectively.

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