10 Best Useful Windows Software of All Time


Some programs are so useful that we are ready to recommend them to others without hesitation. We have compiled a list of useful Windows Software that PC owners can not do without when installing software on a new system or on an existing PC. We have tried to include software that are simple, less functionality but very needy when there is no one to assist. There are for all kinds of problems and...

Reset Winsock & TCP / IP to Fix Internet Problem


In this article I will share with you about Windows Socket and the Network Shell. What is Netsh? Netsh stands for network shell, is a command-line utility. It allows you to modify your current network configuration either from locally or remotely. Netsh first introduced in Microsoft’s Windows NT 2000 operating system. Among many other things, netsh is very useful to reset the TCP/IP stack...

How to Allow Apps through Windows Firewall Exception


Microsoft’s Windows has a built-in Firewall from its XP version. Firewall is a tool with which we can protect ourselves from certain threats or malware. Since from the Firewall, it is possible to allow or block the traffic of certain applications that need an Internet connection. Therefore, I will show you below how to allow or block certain applications in the Windows 10 Firewall. In other...

How to Permanently Turn Off Windows Defender in Windows 10


Windows Defender is a free anti virus, malware, spyware software. Microsoft developed this tool for Windows OS. Furthermore it comes with every installation of Windows 10 for free. Microsoft’s Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 has the Windows Defender preinstalled. In general, Windows Defender safeguard your computer against viruses, spyware, and other unwanted software. It protects your...

How to Fix Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problem


Well, you have updated your operating system to Windows 10 and encountered Internet connection failure. New version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is full of errors. One of the problem that many users are suffering is that inability to connect to Internet through Wi-Fi after updating to Windows 10. You may also be interested: Complete Internet Troubleshooting Guide 2018 Many users reported when...

How to Fix Unidentified network and Limited Access Problem in Windows


Have you encountered “Unidentified Network“ or “Limited Access” error in Windows? It is really frustrating you are connected to Internet still you can’t visit any website. I have faced this limited Internet access problem a whole lot of times. There are several reasons behind the network in not identified or limited access to Internet. Usually, this happens because...

Complete Internet Troubleshooting Guide 2019


Internet connection failure is very distressing if you are a regular Internet user. There are various Internet connection problems occur such as lack of network connectivity, limited connection, lack of access to network drives, windows 10 update connectivity issues etc. Sometimes Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi does not work or there is a failure in the connection settings. If you don’t know...

Fix Windows 10 Creator Update Internet Problems


You may have a bad day if you have done the Windows 10 Creator Update and after completing update your internet is down. Many people have been facing internet connection problem after updating to Windows 10 latest build. If you are among one of those you can read this post to solve your internet problems. Why Windows 10 creator update triggers internet Problems With the latest updates, Microsoft...

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