BlackBerry Messenger Finally Shuts Down

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2019)

Whoever had a smartphone during the first years of the 21st century will remember how popular the BlackBerrys were. The reason? Their QWERTY keyboard and a small test of the future that still accompanies us today: instant messaging application that uses mobile data. That is, the first application that used 3G.

Soon, other apps conquered the market and today is the time to start saying goodbye to an eternal BlackBerry companion. BlackBerry Messenger will disappear on May 31, now that Emtek, company that had their servers to keep this system alive. They announced that it will not provide support for BBM users.

Goodbye BBM, hello BBM Enterprise

But since BlackBerry Messenger is one of the company’s distinctive qualities, they could not let it go. And the fact is that BBM will disappear, but BBM Enterprise will be its direct replacement: a new end-to-end encrypted instant messaging system with business communication focus.

That is, although BBM was a clear precursor of applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, BBM Enterprise will be a competitor rather than Google Hangouts and Slack. Of course, exclusively accessible through BlackBerry devices.

This privilege of BlackBerry phone users elevating their general status in a universe of diversified smartphones may not be such good news. Well, although BlackBerry will provide free support for BBM Enterprise during the first year. After that period this instant messaging system will have a semiannual subscription price.

BlackBerry Messenger will disappear on May 31 and in its replacement, after the first year of free support, users of the new BBM Enterprise exclusive application will have to pay US $2.50 every six months. It is not an inaccessible price at all, but surely there will not be many users happy with the decision.

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