BlackBerry Messenger Finally Shuts Down


Whoever had a smartphone during the first years of the 21st century will remember how popular the BlackBerrys were. The reason? Their QWERTY keyboard and a small test of the future that still accompanies us today: instant messaging application that uses mobile data. That is, the first application that used 3G. Soon, other apps conquered the market and today is the time to start saying goodbye to...

New ASUS low-end smartphone: the ZenFone Live L2


With a clear accent in high and medium range phones, year after year, there are few manufacturers that dare to take out smartphones entry-level in the boom season of flagships and powerful midrangers. ASUS, however, is one of those companies. ASUS announces the ASUS ZenFone Live L2 that is far from dazzling anyone with its hardware, but it may if it presents its technical specifications along...

Nubia Red Magic 3 will Release on April 28


One of the companies that jumped early on the ship, Nubia, revealed that the Nubia Red Magic 3 will be announced on April 28 and there are great expectations for this smartphone exclusively designed to exploit the potential of gaming applications. Details of Nubia Red Magic 3 There are expectations that an exclusive flagship for the gamer public will have the hardware components of the highest...

Google & Amazon’s streaming video apps will run on both platforms


The future of two companies competing in the same areas of multimedia content are destined to compete fiercely. The case of Amazon and Google perhaps took the competition to hostile levels but, after years of disputes of all levels of aggressiveness, Google and Amazon reached an agreement for the coexistence of its main platforms. In an announcement that was made simultaneously in the main blogs...

Samsung Galaxy Fold has Fragile Screen Created Outrage


The day came and the Samsung Galaxy Fold had to debut first in the hands of specialists and reviewers. But even challenging the more optimistic forecasts that estimated that this Samsung flagship did not measure up to the other premium phones with standard design, the Galaxy Fold proved to have a horribly fragile screen. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a very fragile screen and this has been exposed...

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